Basic Mountaineering Course 2017


The BMC is offered by the Skagit Alpine Club to introduce people to the mountains and teach the basics of climbing in the alpine environment.  The entire course is run by volunteer members of the club.  To take the BMC, you have to be a member of the Skagit Alpine Club, and therefore signing up for the course will automatically give you a one year membership.

The BMC is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of climbing in the alpine environment, and provide you with the skills necessary to safely travel and camp on snow and glaciers. The course not only introduces the fundamentals of climbing, but also provides an environment and opportunity for team building, trip planning, and building trust with climbing partners. 

The course is designed to introduce skills, provide a safe environment for practice, and gradually increase fitness levels to climb mountains.  Successfully completing the BMC course can also establish a stepping stone to pursue or further other mountain related activities and recreation. 

The course consists of several weeks of classroom sessions and field outings. Classroom session (2-3hrs) will be on Wednesday evenings, with the exception of the first Wednesday of the month when they will be on Thursdays.  Venue for the class will be announced shortly.  The classroom sessions are accompanied by weekend outings to practice skills.  Destinations for weekend outings are not predetermined and will be based on weather, road, and other conditions.  The tentative schedule for this year’s course is provided below.  The course is set to begin the last week of March and continue into May.

To minimum requirements for registering for the BMC are:

  • Must 18 years and older
  • In good physical conditioning
  • Available to attend all the classes and outings

Registration for the course can be done online through the dedicated BMC website.  Options for the registration fee is provided on the website.  For more details on the course and skills, go to the BMC Class webpage.

If you need more information or have questions, send email to:

We look forward to your participation in the 2017 Basic Mountaineering Course!

2017 Lesson & Outing Master Schedule

Week #

Class Date

Outing Date(s)



March 29


April 1

Belay & rappel


April 6


April 8 - 9

Ice axe arrest & snow camping


April 12


April 15

Rope travel


April 19


April 22 - 23

Team arrest


April 26


April 29

Rock climbing & SAC leavenworth weekend


May 4


May 6 - 7

Crevasse rescue # 1


May 10


May 13

Fitness hike


May 17


May 20 - 21

Crevasse rescue # 2




(Memorial Day Wknd)


May 31


June 3 - 4

Alpine rock climbing